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Webinar: Alternative Credit Scoring

Webinar Details:

Date:                  Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Time:                 4.00pm Kenyan time – 5.00 pm East African Time

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Alternative Credit Scoring is increasingly being incorporated into business models as a way to improve financial inclusivity. Within the Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity project portfolio, several projects are working on using credit scoring tools and models.

With the Fund passed its midway point and the Fund portfolio almost complete, it is the right time to look at where Alternative Credit Scoring fits in the big picture, how it is doing so, and set this in the context of rural customers in Sub Saharan Africa.

In this Fund webinar, a number of experienced speakers will provide interesting and unique perspectives on credit scoring, including applications of Alternative Credit Scoring in the market, design and implementation considerations, challenges, solutions and lessons from implementing credit scoring models and tools.


  • Wambui Chege, Team Leader, Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity.

Wambui has experience in managing a broad range of programmes focused on agri-finance, SME banking and the development of sustainable and inclusive agricultural supply chains. She brings many years of combined experience in programme management, capacity building, agriculture and financial inclusion. She joined KPMG from the International Finance Corporation, where she was responsible for the design, delivery and monitoring of technical assistance programmes to financial institutions, agribusinesses, smallholders and governments across Africa. Wambui is also the KPMG IDAS Africa Director for Agribusiness responsible for growing the agribusiness portfolio.

  • Howard Miller,Associate Consultant, Nathan Associates.

Howard is part of the team that originally designed the Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity. As a consultant he provides technical assistance to financial sector deepening projects particularly in rural finance, inclusive fintech and alternative data analytics and has worked for several clients including CGAP, USAID, Mastercard Foundation, FSD Africa and MIX. He previously worked with Harvesting, a fintech working on agricultural finance, and is based in Bangalore, India.

  • Juliet Ongwae, Chief Innovation Officer, Musoni Microfinance Ltd.

Juliet is responsible for managing the innovation process within Musoni by identifying strategies, business opportunities and new technologies in order to develop new capabilities and architectures. Juliet joined Musoni from the Central Bank of Kenya where she served for more than 10 years in projects developing, deploying and positioning innovative, large-scale and regional digital payment systems.

  • Nicole Van Der Tuin, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, First Access.

Nicole is the CEO of First Access, a software platform that allows lenders to digitize loan origination and analysis. Lenders have saved borrowers over 300 years of wait time by fast-tracking loans on First Access. Ranked among the 100 Most Creative People in Business by Fast Company, Nicole has helped advance financial inclusion in Africa, Asia and Latin America. First Access has been selected by Unreasonable Goals 2018 for SDG #1 – Poverty, by Entrepreneur for the Brilliant 100, by MIT for the Zambezi Prize, by PopTech for Social Innovation, and featured in over 70 events and publications, including The Financial Times, The Economist, and Forbes.


Duration Presenter Description
4:00 pm -4:05 pm Grace Njoroge Introduction to the webinar, speakers, agenda and webinar rules
4:05 pm -4:10 pm Wambui Chege

Overview of the Fund and Alternative Credit Scoring related projects –introducing First Access, Musoni and Nathan Associates

4:10 pm- 4:25pm Howard Miller

Introduction to Alternative Credit Scoring (ACS), Why is ACS relevant in the context of agriculture and why lend to smallholders, challenges, credit scoring as a solution, applications of ACS in the market and lessons from implementing credit scoring models.

4:25 pm- 4:35 pm Juliet Ongwae

Alternative Credit Scoring in context of Musoni – Kilimo Booster Developing an internal ACS system, Challenges of implementing ACS internally, Data considerations, Sharing and/or ownership of data.

4:35 pm- 4:45 pm Nicole Van Der Tuin

Alternative Credit Scoring in the context of First Access – the First Access journey and taking your product to market, learnings, opportunities and considerations before getting to credit scoring, relevance to agribusiness, snippet bout consumer protection?

4:45 pm- 4:55 pm Grace Njoroge Questions and Answers
4:55 pm- 5:00 pm Wambui Chege Wrap up – appreciation message

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