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Site Visit To Prosema In Mali

Prosema, in collaboration with AUXFIN International, works with smallholder farmers in cooperatives to improve the sesame value chain by providing digital agronomic training and coaching, warehousing, savings and credit financial products.

The team had an opportunity to talk to farmers who shared their experiences with Prosema - sharing insights into how the project has improved their yields and enabled them to have access to credit. 

The Fund team also had an opportunity to attend a group training that was attended by 14 Prosema agents and 35 representatives from 4 co-operatives. Training received was on agricultural techniques and inputs on credit. Smallholder farmers have experienced increased yields per hectare as a result of trainings and inputs on credit, and thereby earning more revenues. Prosema provides a ready market and higher than competitor prices for Sesame. 

Article by Simon Kimura, Project Manager, Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity.