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The second session in the Fund Learning and Sharing Series titled Building Successful Partnerships was held on 4 March 2021 following on from the first on Exploring Business Models.

The session was mainly aimed at knowledge sharing within the Fund portfolio, but other non-Fund actors were also invited to attend.

On the panel for the event were Alexandre Coster, Founder and CEO of Baobab+ (Mali), Gabrielle Rosenau, Country Manager of Ibero (Uganda), Kaushik Ramakrishnan, Vice President of Strategy, Consulting and Research at Pula (Zambia/Malawi) and Vincent Tumwijukye, CEO of Futurelink  Technologies (Uganda).

Mikael Hook, Director Mastercard Foundation Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab facilitated the panel discussion and Barbara Wiafe, Fund Portfolio Manager moderating the entire session.

The session started with Milton Lore, Team Leader of the Fund noting that the Learning Series was aimed at fuelling peer learning and knowledge sharing with financial inclusion stakeholders.

Throughout a lively panel discussion, Mikael then prompted the panellists for their views and experiences on building and maintaining partnerships.

The session heard stories from the panellists on their different experiences in building partnerships. It looked at the key drivers for building successful partnerships and how these participants approached the process of finding the right partners. The session discussed the challenges faced along the way in forming and managing the partnerships and identified some key learnings and ingredients to building successful partnerships. The pandemic and its impact on partnerships or their evolution was also discussed.

Several types of partnerships were highlighted, including specific examples of those developed on the demand side and on the supply side by the participants. These partnerships were also highlighted at various levels - from governments supporting frameworks to local relationships aiding in distribution networks, for example.

A common aspect to partnerships that emerged was considering mutual trust and value, particularly as partnerships require longer term views to bear fruit. Another key aspect raised was the need for local level partnerships which have the right context and experiences.

The session had active engagement from attendees who raised several questions for the panellists.

Nearly seventy individuals attended the event. A third of these were actual participants in the portfolio. Another third of were Mastercard Foundation and Fund Management partners, and a final third who were other actors and influencers involved in financial inclusion in Africa.


The Learning Series Session 2 webinar recording is available here: click here

In case you have any feedback on this or other learning sessions you can email with your contact details and comments or queries.


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