Rolling Competition Winners

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Rolling Competition Winners

  • Stewards Globe Limited

    Stewards Globe Limited whose brand name AFRISEED, is a diversified agricultural seed company that produces improved seed for cereals (maize, rice and sorghum) and legumes (groundnut, soy bean, cowpea, beans and pigeon pea) using an out grower scheme of 1,200 smallholder farmers as part of the supply sourcing strategy. It involves farmer association-level producers who are contracted by advancing inputs, insurance, funds and/or technical support.

  • Farmerline LTD

    Farmerline connects farmers to information, finance and supply chains across Africa. Their mission is to provide innovative mobile technology to farmers and transform them into successful entrepreneurs. Farmerline’s services bridge education and literacy gaps among rural farmers and reduce the cost of communication for the companies that work with them.

  • Microcred Mali SA

    Microcred Mali is part of Microcred Group, a digital finance company focusing on financial inclusion in Africa and China. Microcred Mali offers financial services to emerging client segments particularly the unbanked. Microcred Mali has deployed a cost-effective model to address the issue of micro & SME financing globally.