Rolling Competition Winners

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Rolling Competition Winners

  • Apollo Agriculture, Inc

    Apollo Agriculture leverages on advances in machine learning, remote sensing, and mobile money to deliver input finance and agronomic advice to smallholders at a dramatically lower cost than current solutions. Apollo’s digital approach reduces costs and enables rapid scale. Apollo builds machine learning models that process satellite data to infer characteristics of individual farms, such as estimated yields, and uses these models to assess credit risk.

  • SolarNow Services Uganda Limited

    SolarNow sells solar systems and appliances (for example, lights, TVs and solar water pumps) to rural off-grid households and businesses, of which more than 70% are farmers.

  • Dodore Kenya Limited

    Dodore Kenya Ltd develops and implements innovative mobile wallets that help vulnerable people (low income, women, youth) save money earmarked for specific purposes. The wallets are based on a combination of internal systems and a virtual currency platform.

  • FutureLink Technologies

    FLT develops and supports financial technologies for SACCOs & Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).  The company also manages the network & server infrastructure, to allow management to focus at their core business. The company’s cloud computing approach whereby it sets up and manages the inter-branch connectivity for just $20/month instead of the ordinary cost of $300 per branch per month, has made Financial Inclusion technology more affordable.

  • Easy Solar

    Easy Solar is an innovative distribution energy service company transforming the way off-grid communities live, work and play by providing consumer financing for solar-powered lighting and appliances to households and entrepreneurs.