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Fund Management Partners

Working with the Fund Manager KPMG International Development Advisory Services, are a number of other partners providing particular expertise:

Triple Line Consulting Ltd is a UK-based international development consultancy established in 1999, with an annual turnover of £3.1 million, 28 staff and over 50 close associates, providing consulting services to donors, Governments, Foundations and private clients. It analyses the financial, social and environmental implications of projects and programmes through the provision of expertise in monitoring and evaluation, grant fund management, economic and social development, and natural resource management. Triple Line has been part of the IPE Global Group since July 2014, based in Delhi with African offices in Nairobi and Addis Ababa.


Nathan Associates London Ltd. works at the intersection of private sector development, rural development and financial markets to design, implement and evaluate innovative programmes that deliver inclusive growth. Nathan has been at the forefront of the market systems approach to economic development and the use of the challenge fund mechanism to deliver innovative, market-driven solutions.

Learning Partners

The Rural and Agriculture Finance (RAF) Learning Lab will act as learning partner to create and share knowledge from the experience of Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity.  The RAF Learning Lab is a Mastercard Foundation-sponsored initiative overseen jointly by Dalberg and the Global Development Incubator (GDI). 

Dalberg is a strategy and policy advisory firm dedicated to global development and innovation.  In supporting the Fund, Dalberg draws on its expertise in agriculture, financial inclusion, and creating learning platforms that help identify and drive adoption of insights.


GDI supports the development, piloting and scaling-up of innovative social impact initiatives.  It launched and now oversees the Initiative for Smallholder Finance to design, pilot and scale new smallholder finance solutions.