• Product Type: Offtake and Payment services
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Mali


Prosema SA

PROSEMA is a company specializing in the agri-food industry, and leader in the sale of locally produced sesame. Its successful and social business model is built on the supply by smallholder farmers, for which the company wishes to assist in the cultivation of this emerging crop and to contribute to their integration in the local and national economy. PROSEMA purchases and processes sesame from more than 18,600 producers with approximately 24 500 ha. in five southern regions.

Project Description

PROSEMA, in collaboration with AUXFIN International works with smallholder farmers in cooperatives, to improve the sesame value chain by providing digital agronomic training and coaching, warehousing, savings and credit financial products.

Key Innovations

The social enterprise AUXFIN expands access to basic financial services through technological innovation that helps to reduce significantly the costs of suppliers and customers. Its technological solution UMVA (Universal Method of Value Access) does so by organizing networks of cooperatives of smallholder farmers, associations, financial service providers, social service providers and the Diaspora. These networks are built around its platform offering access to basic financial services, communications, financial education, administration and social services. As such, AUXFIN and its partners enable people at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) to achieve sustainable financial and social inclusion, especially in remote rural areas.