Prepeez Technology


  • Product Type: Digital Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Ghana

Prepeez Technology

Prepeez Technology

Prep-eez is a community level technology driven social impact company incorporated in 2010 that works to enhance agriculture through ICT and telecoms solutions.

Project Description

Prep-eez is profiling farmers in Ghana using a mobile application so that they become eligible for agro-insurance, financial advisory and mobile savings services via the web and mobile platforms. Additionally, they provide technical farm support and market linkage services.

Project Update

As of March 2018, 25 agents were recruited, trained, and deployed to various communities in the Eastern/Central regions.  The company started 10 new nurseries to nurse cocoa seedlings and plantain suckers to be distributed to small holder farmers and built 23 aggregation centres in the various communities. Out of a total of over 10,000 subscribers that signed onto the program at this time, over 7,000 of them have been supplied with cocoa seedlings and plantain.

Prep-eez has also been engaged in training over 500 community gang operators to handle the pruners, slashers and the mist blowers in the various communities.

Key Learnings

Small holder farmers are quite sophisticated, more so than often anticipated when designing products and services for them. Their needs, aspirations, expectations and goals can differ sharply even within closely knit communities, and these considerations need to be taken into account.