Empresa de Comercialização Agricola


  • Product Type: Input Finance and Payment Services
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Mozambique

Empresa de Comercialização Agricola

Empresa de Comercialização Agricola

Empowering smallholder farmers to become financially independent.

Empresa de Comercialização Agricola (ECA) is a sustainable agronomy business which engages smallholder farmers by providing them with inputs on credit, extension advice on conservation farming and access to markets at fair prices.

Local farmers own 45% of the shares in ECA.

Project Description

ECA rolled out an innovative grain aggregation and input financing solution. They intended to leverage a technology platform to provide general agricultural practices via SMS updates and mobile payments to farmers.

Key Innovations

Well established farming business that provides a good basis for innovation with integrated information / training / payment software and systems.