Copia Global


  • Product Type: E-commerce-Distribution Services
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Kenya

Copia Global


Opening up e-commerce channels to the underserved.

Since 2012, Copia Global Inc. has implemented its model in Kenya through its subsidiary, Copia Global Ltd. Copia has developed an innovative model to provide an Amazon-like service to the underserved rural BoP market with a unique e-catalog order and delivery system. Its business model is implemented through agents (rural shopkeepers) who serve as ordering and pick-up points.

Project Description

Copia is unlocking the under-served rural market by replacing inefficient and expensive distribution and sales with an Amazonlike e-commerce and delivery system that takes advantage of innovations in mobile technologies.

Key Areas of Scale

FRP support will be used for CAPEX Expenditures, Developing Software, Marketing & Education, Supply Chain, Agent Rollout and Staffing.