Stewards Globe


  • Product Type: Supply Chain Financing and Learning
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Zambia

Stewards Globe

Stewards Globe

Stewards Globe whose brand name AFRISEED, is a diversified agricultural seed company that produces improved seed for cereals (maize, rice and sorghum) and legumes (groundnut, soy bean, cowpea, beans and pigeon pea) using an out grower scheme of 1,200 smallholder farmers as part of the supply sourcing strategy. It involves farmer association-level producers who are contracted by advancing inputs, insurance, funds and/or technical support.

Project Description

Stewards Globe is providing supply chain finance to address credit and market limitations in the soya bean, groundnut, beans and cow pea value chains while integrating insurance and financial education.

Key Innovations

SGL, leveraging on its existing non-inputs finance model will be implementing this innovation for the first time. The innovation seeks to address challenging issues of low production and financial exclusion of rural farmer. The products will link rural farmers to credit, insurance, technical and financial education and access to markets in a cost effective and sustainable manner. Minimal collateral supported by group guarantees from the producer saving's group as a joint collateral.