Rwanda Trading Company


  • Product Type: Input Finance and Payment Services
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Rwanda

Rwanda Trading Company

Rwanda Trading Company

Raising incomes of coffee farmers.

RTC is a private, for profit, coffee exporter, based in Kigali, Rwanda. RTC exports 26% of Rwanda’s annual coffee production & the majority of its specialty, Arabica. RTC owns 9 wet mills, leases 7 and finances 50 privately-owned wet mills. Its supply chain includes 82,000 small-plot farmers, all of whom receive cash payment immediately at the time of sale.

Project Description

RTC aims to expand its Collaborative Agribusiness (CA) model that raises coffee farmers incomes through agribusiness/personal finance training and linking farmers directly to supply chains and the formal financial sector.

Key Areas of Scale

The funds will be used to contextualize and build upon existing training materials, expand the TMPP, and provide seed funding for training the first 70,000 farmers, which includes support for new staff, program management expenses and capital investments. Specific capital investments include software, trucks, motors, bicycles, and computer hardware.