Olam Uganda


  • Product Type: Agri-Business Input Credit
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Uganda

Olam Uganda

Olam Uganda

Focusing on agri-business in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Olam International is an agri-business operating in 70 countries. Olam grows, sources, processes, manufactures, transports, trades and markets 47 different agri-products for supply to homes and industries. Olam has been present in Uganda since 1997 and currently works with 6 agri-products across 8 regions, as well as imports and distributes sugar and edible oil. Olam’s operations in Uganda extend from origination and processing to logistics and distribution.

Project Description

Olam is using the ‘OFIS App’ to recruit and offer loans and extension services to smallholder farmers, digitize purchasing operations, and switch to cash-less transactions via mobile money and bank accounts.

Key Areas of Scale

The service has been piloted in Tanzania by Olam Tanzania Ltd with positive results, reaching almost 4,000 farmers to date. Under this project, the system will be customized for Uganda and plugged in to serve the 8,000 farmers participating in an ongoing certification project, and then scaled up to 25,000 farmers by 2021.