Ibero Uganda


  • Product Type: Agri-Business-Input Credit
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Uganda

Ibero Uganda

Ibero Uganda

Ibero Uganda is a company of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe based in Hamburg, Germany.  Ibero Uganda exports quality Uganda coffees and has warehouses and processing facilities in Kampala and out-stations in all major coffee-producing regions of Uganda.

Project Description

Ibero is providing farmers with an ecosystem of complementary services including access to agronomic training, financing inputs and markets. The ecosystem revolves around a 2-year crop nutrition program. Upon creating a credit history, farmers are linked to formal financial institutions which avail a comprehensive set of financial products.

Project Update

The strong performance of Ibero in the Fund portfolio emanates from its ability to understand the market and develop financial interventions that address the market need. Ibero may not be one of the projects that has high customer numbers, but it is managing to have a high impact per customer.

Key Learnings

Constant engagement with farmers pays off. Listening to farmers and adapting the offering to meet their needs is an important ingredient of success and sustainability

Also, one learning from this project is that the IT solutions, on which such projects ultimately depend, need to be factored earlier into implementation.