• Product Type: Digital Credit and Informational Services
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Ghana



This agribusiness connects farmers to information, finance and supply chains across Africa through provision of innovative mobile technology.

Farmerline connects farmers to information, finance and supply chains across Africa. Their mission is to provide innovative mobile technology to farmers and transform them into successful entrepreneurs. Farmerline’s services bridge education and literacy gaps among rural farmers and reduce the cost of communication for the companies that work with them.

Project Description

Farmerline is scaling 399 services (mobile financial and content related services) to help rural farmers gain access to high quality inputs, financial literacy and best agricultural practices.

Key Innovations

399 Services is innovating in 3 areas of the agricultural supply chain: technology, resource extension, and financial inclusion. Farmerline’s unique credit scoring algorithm will open the door for financial institutions, food brands and producers, and input suppliers to engage in resource and financial service extension. Their partnership with financial institutions adds additional innovation in that, it gives farmers who need to build creditworthiness, or would prefer not to take credit, the opportunity to layaway funds in a bank account and develop savings habits. Through using these financial services to provide affordable input to farmers, Farmerline is offsetting the proliferation of fake inputs as well as the resulting loss of yield and crop value.