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The Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity works hand in hand with various projects across Sub-Saharan Africa that focus on transforming lives and making financial inclusion a reality for all Africans. Stay updated with the progress the Fund-supported projects and grantees are making with regard to contributing crucial insights and experiences through their work in African countries.

Published 13 Feb 2020

Copia Kenya’s E-commerce Raises 26 Million

Copia Kenya’s innovative e-commerce system built primarily to support rural communities in Kenya has raised US$ 26 million so far.

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Published 15 Jan 2020

APA Insurance Awarded for Efforts in Resilience to Climate Change

APA Insurance Ltd was recently honored at the 10th European Microfinance Award for its efforts to strengthening resilience to climate change.

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Published 22 Nov 2019

APA Insurance Awarded for Innovative Index based Agriculture Cover

Since 2006, Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, the European Microfinance Platform and the Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg have been awarding a €100,000 prize to the winner and, starting two years ago, €10,000 to the two finalists.

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Published 22 Nov 2019

APA Insurance Ltd Receives the 10th European Microfinance Award in Recognition of its Response to “Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change”

APA Insurance has received awards for innovative index-based agriculture insurance to cover yields and livestock.

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Published 19 Nov 2019

Empowering Farmers for Blooming Business

Gabrielle Rosenau (Ibero Uganda) participated as a speaker at the IDH Farmfit Forum.

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Published 18 Nov 2019

Dodore’s Faith Mulwa participates at IDH Farmfit Forum in Kenya

Faith Mulwa (AgriWallet) participated as a speaker and panelist at the IDH farmfit Forum.

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