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The Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity works hand in hand with various projects across Sub-Saharan Africa that focus on transforming lives and making financial inclusion a reality for all Africans. Stay updated with the progress the Fund-supported projects and grantees are making with regard to contributing crucial insights and experiences through their work in African countries.

Published 27 Aug 2020

Apa Insurance: Supporting Smallholder Farmers During Hard Times

Kenyan farmers receive compensation for crop loss under a programme by local insurers partly supported by the State.

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Published 10 Aug 2020

Agri-wallet Encouraging a Savings Culture among Farmers

Gidraf Wachira explains Dodore’s Agri-wallet and what it attempts to address for farmers and other value chain actors.

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Published 27 Jul 2020

Apollo Agriculture is Solving Credit Problems for Smallholder Farmers

Discover how Apollo Agriculture is using machine learning and automated operations technology to support small-scale farmers.

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Published 15 Jul 2020

Ibero Uganda: Field Presence Leading to Unexpected Benefits

Increasing interaction between the company and its customers through buying stations is proving mutually beneficial.

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Published 17 Jun 2020

Solarnow: A Solar Policy in Uganda Could Drive Power Uptake in Rural Communities

Read this opinion piece on whether a solar policy in Uganda can help rural communities get sustained access to reliable solar power.

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Published 11 Jun 2020

Twiga Foods Partners with GoBEBA to Deliver Farm Produce

Discover how a partnership between Twiga Foods and GoBEBA will help deliver fresh farm produce to online consumers.

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