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Published 22 Jul 2020

How Ghana’s New DFS Policy Will Impact Participants

Learn how Ghana’s newly implemented Digital Financial Services policy will affect Fund participants operating in the nation.

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Fund Participants Respond to COVID-19 Crisis
Published 15 May 2020

COVID-19 Response: How the Fund and its participants are innovating in times of crisis

In this first in a series of articles, Theo Sands from Fund partner IPE Triple line introduces how the Fund and its participants are rising up to the challenge posed by COVID-19 with the ultimate aim of protecting great achievements made in uplifting beneficiaries through financial inclusion.

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20/20 Ibero
Published 14 Feb 2020

20/20 Case Study: Strengthening agricultural supply chains through the delivery of financial services

Ibero Uganda is part of the Neumann Kaffee Gruppe based in Hamburg, Germany. Ibero Uganda exports quality Uganda coffees, with warehouses and processing facilities in Kampala and out-stations in all major coffee-producing regions of Uganda.

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Published 11 Jun 2019

20/20 Blog: Capturing industry learnings to turn hindsight into foresight

Explore the various lessons learned by the Fund and how findings from the Rural and Agricultural Finance Learning Lab will help improve support for innovative businesses in rural Africa.

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Published 10 Apr 2019

Creating an Interconnected Financial Ecosystem to Promote Active Use of Financial Products

Harleen Thati, the Fund’s Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, writes on how creating integrated financial systems can help reach a wider consumer base in rural communities, thereby stimulating rural economies and helping alleviate poverty on the continent. 

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Published 25 Mar 2019

Harnessing Mobile Connectivity to Promote Financial Inclusion in Sub-Saharan Africa

Project Manager for Mastercard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity, Kevin Genga, analyzes how mobile connectivity can be used to increase support of agribusinesses, fintechs and financial service providers in order to boost productivity and alleviate poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.

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