Prepeez Technology Ltd


  • Product Type: Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Ghana

Prepeez Technology Ltd

Prepeez Technology Ltd
Prepeez Technology Ltd

Enhancing agricultural productivity through ICT solutions.

Prep-eez is a community level technology driven social impact company incorporated in 2010 that works to enhance agriculture through ICT and telecoms solutions.

Project Description

The project will profile farmers in Ghana using a mobile application; cluster them by theme so that they become eligible for agro-insurance, financial advisory and mobile savings services via the web and mobile platforms; provide them with technical farm support and link them with markets.

Key Innovations

Prep-eez’s integrated agribusiness solution offers FCTS satellite imagery, GPS and digital photography assisted farmer/farm profiling as a means of effective risk assessment/evaluation for financial/insurance institutions. It offers a wide range of farming services to smallholders and provides the potential for a number of novel approaches to be tested in the field.