Lima Kwanza Limited


  • Product Type: Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Tanzania

Lima Kwanza Limited

Lima Kwanza Limited
Lima Kwanza Limited

Lima Kwanza Limited builds on over 30 years of purchasing experience from smallholder farmers. Lima Kwanza provides a market for over 6,000 Tanzanian smallholders 1st grade Hass avocado farmers for export. Lima Kwanza  provides training to farmers in Global GAP and organic certification to increase export quality fruits from 50% to 60%. Lima Kwanza also purchases coffee from farmers.

Project Description

Currently, Lima Kwanza only purchases a part of the smallholder avocado yield. For this Lima Kwanza uses basic mobile banking of CRDB. The new advanced system will enable Lima Kwanza to register all incoming Avocados, to split the total in 1st and 2nd-grade quality as well as differentiate between Hass and local varieties. The system will keep track of the improvements in quality per smallholder (over the years), generate payment files for the CRDB mobile payroll banking application, make the money available in the banking application, authorize the payments and payout.

Key Innovations

Lima Kwanza innovative plans consist of installing the first avocado oil plant in Tanzania, (ii) supply to the local market, and (iii) provide farmers a ‘one stop shop’ for all avocados. These innovations are integrated into an innovative mobile financial system that increases access to finance for farmers, further improving incomes. Lima Kwanza promotes women access over the bank account.