Inuka Africa Ltd


  • Product Type: Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Kenya

Inuka Africa Ltd

Inuka Africa
Inuka Africa Ltd

Increasing farmers’ incomes through optimizing milk production.

Inuka Africa Limited provides financial services, training and capacity building to micro, small and mid-size enterprises with a special focus on smallholder farmers and agri-business actors.

Project summary

Inuka Africa finances input and service purchases by smallholder dairy farmers. This is made possible through the inputs management module on the Smart Cow platform. The goal of this project is to increase farmers’ incomes by regularizing and optimizing milk production of their herds by ensuring access to best practice animal breeding, health and feeding regimes. 

Key innovations

While animal health management is not new, the bundling into packages, and automation of monitoring of service delivery through use of technology for greater efficiency and accuracy, is a new and concept that has not been implemented in Kenya. Banks and other financial intermediaries provide input financing, but are not structured for a packaged, subscriptive product/service.