Equity Bank Congo SA


  • Product Type: Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Equity Bank Congo SA

Equity Bank Congo SA
Equity Bank Congo SA

Equity Bank Congo SA is a commercial bank registered in the Democratic Republic of Congo and regulated by Central Bank of Congo. The Bank‘s current businesses include provision of various savings, credit, payments, remittance, treasury and trade finance products and services to both individuals and MSMEs clients across the DRC. The Bank leverages on its robust technologies, infrastructure, footprint and experience to avail these products and services.

Project Description

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a challenging environment and thus far, financial institutions have not reached the majority of the population. Equity Bank Congo plans to reverse this trend by significantly contributing to the expansion and revolutionary transformation of financial inclusion by implementing the agency banking model throughout Democratic Republic of Congo. Indeed financial services providers currently favor urban areas leaving rural areas grossly underserved, pointing mainly obstacles such as poor infrastructure, high risk and high cost of operation given sparse population in rural areas. The bank will leverage on technology and rollout of new highly researched financial products and services to deepen financial inclusion in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Key Innovations

The Bank’s customers will be given an opportunity to transact whenever needed, close to their homes and without fearing the limited working hours of banks and financial institutions in the country. With the solution, the existence of mortar and bricks branches is no more a limit for customers in general and rural area customers in particular. Through Mobile phones and points of sale terminals, clients will be able to transact everywhere within the country.