Enviu BV


  • Product Type: Savings
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Rwanda

Enviu BV

Enviu BV
Enviu BV

Enviu has a 14-year track record of running projects and building social ventures in the domains of financial inclusion, circular economy, and food security. Enviu founded People’s Pension Holding with funding and support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid Foundation, and the Achmea Foundation.

Project Description

In sub-Saharan Africa, over 90% of the population are not covered by any pension scheme, and with the number of people over 60 set to triple by 2050 this problem becomes enormous. Enviu and People’s Pension Holding are determined to provide this security net for farmers. Enviu founded PPH in 2015, offering pensions to the informal sector in Ghana, focusing on the 2.5 million cocoa farmers and has started to see traction. This project will translate the learnings from Ghana to East Africa resulting in a pension pilot operating within rural Rwanda.

Key Innovations

  • Although it is a pension product, customers have the possibility to withdraw 50% (max) of annual contributions. This strengthens the resilience of customer and builds trust with customers emphasizing that this is “their money, simply held in trust”
  • Company offers a combination of personal contact (sales and education are face to face) with a very high-tech back-end; High-touch and high-tech.
  • The entire customer journey from identification, to pay-in and administration, is integrated and automated to prevent mistakes, decreasing the operating cost and building trust. The process integrates four existing and proven systems: administration system, payment platform, identification system and a financial system.
  • Through a mobile platform, people can access from hard-to-reach territories. It supports individuals, including women, to make investment decisions independently and easy.
  • This solution has the potential to transform the rural financial landscape, as it will allow people to save money within a flexible program, which is key for farmers who have uncertain and variable income patterns.
  • Farmers get access to formal financial systems and interest rates upwards of 10% (in Ghana PPH realized 19% interest in 2017).