• Product Type: Credit
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Sierra Leone



Providing consumer financing for solar powered lighting and appliances.

Easy Solar is an innovative distribution energy service company transforming the way off-grid communities live, work and play by providing consumer financing for solar-powered lighting and appliances to households and entrepreneurs.

Project Description

Easy Solar has an innovative solution to finance previously unbankable customers. The company uses the sale of an entry-level solar lamp on a rent-to-own payment plan to build customer relations and density. Lamp repayment history allows for credit scoring and deep customer knowledge before selling higher value solar and other life-changing products on terms affordable to Bottom of the Pyramid customers.

Key Innovations

Easy Solar’s tiered PAYG financing solution is backed by credit scoring based on customer data to make its products accessible to rural customers. This is very innovative in Sierra Leone. It allows the company to get to know its customers (and v.v.) and creates customer density thus making Solar Home Systems and other products accessible and affordable to remote and low-income households and micro-enterprises.