Dodore Kenya Limited


  • Product Type: Transactions
  • Sector: Finance Oriented
  • Project Country: Kenya

Dodore Kenya Limited

Dodore Kenya Limited

Enabling farmers to effectively manage their finances.

Dodore Kenya Ltd develops and implements innovative mobile wallets that help vulnerable people (low income, women, youth) save money earmarked for specific purposes. The wallets are based on a combination of internal systems and a virtual currency platform.

Project Description

Agri-wallet, developed by Dodore, is an innovation that enables farmers to increase their farm profit by as much as 40% and agricultural production by 50%. Agri-wallet offers farmers a solution to the following problems:

  1. Lack of savings – Agri-wallet saves automatically
  2. Mixing of personal and business funds – Agri-wallet has a business account
  3. Slow payments from buyers – Agri-wallet pre-pays the farmers
  4. Diversion of funds – Agri-wallet funds are restricted for farm inputs
  5. No access to credit – Agri-wallet includes an overdraft credit

Key Innovations

Agri-wallet has two unique features:

  1. automatic savings
  2. restricted funds earmarked to buy farm inputs

It facilitates access to finance to financially excluded people living in rural areas, including women and youth. The Agri-wallet business savings account is easy to use and offers its basic features for free