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APA Insurance Ltd

APA Insurance is one of the largest insurance firms in Kenya with a range of innovative product offerings.  APA Insurance underwrites a range of insurance risks and has been offering agribusiness insurance since 2009.

Project summary

MicroSure is a value chain insurance product for smallholder farmers and pastoralists which mitigates risk through a guarantee mechanism for inputs.  This improves productivity and incomes for smallholders. 

Key innovations

Index Based Livestock Insurance (ILBI) leverages the strong correlation between a vegetation index that is remotely sensed through satellite that can measure forage shortages to offer insurance coverage to pastoralists in regions without access to conventional insurance products. 


Mr Grant Taylor

Mr.  John Kigochi, Chief Finance Officer, APA Insurance Limited.

Project partners


The transaction

  • FRP contribution: USD 2,500,000
  • Match funds: USD 20,852,980
  • Project period: 2 years 

Development impact*

  • Reach: Total target reach of 101,500 customers
  • Jobs: 40 new jobs created, of which 50% are for women and 70% for youth
  • Systemic Change: increased resilience and productivity, leading to economic growth