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Prepeez Technology Ltd

Prepeez is a community level, technology driven, social impact company incorporated in 2010 that primarily focuses on enhancing agriculture through ICT and telecommunication based solutions.  Currently the business runs an information delivery and communication platform for farmers in the West African subregion.

Project summary

The company proposes to profile a range of farmers in Ghana using a mobile application; cluster them according to themes so that they become eligible for agro-insurance, financial advisory and mobile savings services via the web and mobile platforms; provide them with technical farm support and linkages with markets.

Key innovations

A holistic, technology-enabled model to support finance and training across a variety of value chains, helping to increase farmers’ incomes and reduce the risk for financial service providers, helping farmers access credit.


Mr. Frederick Kobbyna Acquaah

Mr. Frederick Kobbyna Acquaah, Director of Operations

Development impact*

  • Improved knowledge and access to finance for smallholders, resulting in improved yields and incomes
  • Improved availability of credit services through reduced credit risk for financial service providers