Kifiya Financial Technology Plc

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Kifiya Financial Technology Plc

Kifiya is a payment services provider and enabler of digital financial services in Ethiopia.  Kifiya aims to make financial and non-financial transactions simple, affordable, and accessible, through a sustainable business model.

Project summary

The project aim is to build a digital payment ecosystem by supporting agricultural actors along the value chain to switch from risky and expensive cash handling processes to digital payments. This will be supported by financial literacy training for smallholders.

Key innovations

This project is innovative in the context of Ethiopia, given that access to finance for smallholder farmers in the country remains low and the Ethiopian financial market remains challenging. The use of large buyers as a push for the creation of digital financial services infrastructure in rural areas, and the use of the existing network of MPCs to reduce the costs of creating that infrastructure, are also innovative.

Project partners

  • SNV Netherlands Development Organisation


Mr. Munir Duri

Mr. Munir Duri, Managing Director

Development impact*

  • Approximately 500 people trained in using the technology, with a particular focus on creating jobs for women and youth
  • Improved access to finance and markets for rural smallholders