Juhudi Kilimo

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Juhudi Kilimo

Juhudi Kilimo is a for-profit enterprise that seeks to uplift the living standards for financially excluded rural smallholder farmers through the provision of transformative financial solutions and technical assistance for agribusiness.

Project summary

The project involves psychometric credit scoring to manage the risks in individual rural lending.  The project will include a pilot of 500 individual loan applicants, with the top 250 scorers receiving KES 100,000 loans for asset and agribusiness investments over a 2-year period.

Key innovations

Soft capital and better credit scoring tools are needed to facilitate product development and to mitigate the risks of lending to individual rural borrowers, without the need for group guarantees or social accountability.  Testing and refining an innovative approach to credit scoring for rural borrowers is the key innovation of this project. 

Project partners

  • Entrepreneurial Finance Lab


Mr. Cleophas Ndaramu, Chief Operations Officer

Development impact*

  • New channels for rural smallholder farmers to access individual credit facilities
  • Enables lenders like Juhudi Kilimo to manage risk and make better credit decisions so they can successfully extend larger and financially more transformative loans to rural clients