Empresa de Comercialização Agricola

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Empresa de Comercialização Agricola

ECA is building a sustainable agronomy business which engages smallholder farmers by providing i) inputs on credit, ii) extension advice on conservation farming, iii) and access to markets at fair prices.

Project summary

The project uses a technology platform to provide SMS updates and mobile payments to farmers, with the aim of improving crop yields, pricing and creating easier and more secure financial transactions.  It is based on ECA’s proven business model, which has a 100% repayment record on farmer credit during its three years of operations to date.

Key innovations

Financial inclusion in Mozambique remains low. This project will help expand mobile financial and technical solutions to smallholder farmers in the country, which lags behind counterparts such as Kenya, for example.


Mr Grant Taylor

Mr Grant Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

Development impact*

  • Estimated 5,000 farmers to be enrolled by 2017-8, each with increased yields through access to improved inputs on credit and access to information on mobile devices
  • Improved financial inclusion through access to mobile banking services