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Biopartenaire works with cocoa farmers in 292 villages to produce fermented and dried cocoa, as well as offers farmers training in good agricultural practices and post-harvest management techniques in accordance with leading certification standards.

Project summary

The project will pre-finance farm services and inputs to individual smallholder cocoa farmers to improve their productivity and improve their track record of accessing credit.  It will also provide training and be supported by a ‘Cocoa App’ which will help the project access scale.

Key innovations

This sort of support has only ever been provided in small pilot scenarios by Biopartenaire, and never by their parent company, Barry Callebaut – therefore the proposed project is a considerable change of doing business in one of the world’s largest cocoa producers and grinders.


Mr. Frank Carl Peter Neumann

Mr. Frank Carl Peter Neumann

Development impact*

  • Reach 50,000 farmers in 5 years, and put them on a track to increase their incomes by more than 60% within 5 years of enrolment.
  • 3,000 field agents earning higher commissions from cocoa sourcing and margins on services and inputs provided, multiplying their income  by more than 4 times by year 5 to USD 4,000.