Innovation Competition Round 1 Winners

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Innovation Competition Round 1 Winners

  • Banque Atlantique Côte d'Ivoire

    BACI is a traditional bank, subsidiary to Atlantic Business International, which is a member of the Banque Centrale Populaire Group of Morocco. It is affiliated with banks and insurance companies in Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. 

  • Biopartenaire

    Biopartenaire works with cocoa farmers in 292 villages to produce fermented and dried cocoa, as well as offers farmers training in good agricultural practices and post-harvest management techniques in accordance with leading certification standards.

  • Compuscan

    Compuscan is a specialist credit information technology company, established in 1994, that provides risk management solutions to its clients, which include mainstream banks, microfinance institutions, micro-lenders, utility companies, co-ops and credit unions. 

  • Empresa de Comercialização Agricola

    ECA is building a sustainable agronomy business which engages smallholder farmers by providing i) inputs on credit, ii) extension advice on conservation farming, iii) and access to markets at fair prices.

  • Inuka Africa Ltd

    Inuka is a non-deposit taking micro finance institution that provides financial services, training and capacity building to micro, small and mid-size enterprises with a special focus on smallholder farmers and agri-business actors.

  • Juhudi Kilimo

    Juhudi Kilimo is a for-profit enterprise that seeks to uplift the living standards for financially excluded rural smallholder farmers through the provision of transformative financial solutions and technical assistance for agribusiness.

  • Kifiya Financial Technology Plc

    Kifiya is a payment services provider and enabler of digital financial services in Ethiopia.  Kifiya aims to make financial and non-financial transactions simple, affordable, and accessible, through a sustainable business model.

  • Prepeez Technology Ltd

    Prepeez is a community level, technology driven, social impact company incorporated in 2010 that primarily focuses on enhancing agriculture through ICT and telecommunication based solutions.  Currently the business runs an information delivery and communication platform for farmers in the West African subregion.

  • SmartMoney Uganda Limited

    SmartMoney is a mobile money company with experience developing mobile money solutions in Uganda and Tanzania.  It is based on three business pillars: (1) free-of-charge P2P payments and savings, (2) free-of-charge rural merchant payments, and (3) agricultural value chain bulk payments