• Product Type: Transactions
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Kenya



The Twiga solution gives small fresh fruit and vegetables vendors a mobile-based ordering platform where they can purchase their stock. While in the past vendors had to travel to wholesale markets at 4am, haggle for goods and get their stock back to their shop, with Twiga they can access better quality products at competitive prices and delivered directly to their shop.

Project Description

The project will increase financial and economic inclusion in the fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) supply chain. This will be done through the development and introduction of a fintech-enabled ordering app, through which vendors can order stock and access credit offered, so that they can sell more; by extension, more produce is ordered from farmers, which increases their FFV sales. The platform will be upgraded to deliver credit scoring data.

Key Innovations

Twiga’s platform connects the demand from many thousands of street vendors in urban centres to the demand of as many thousands of smallholder farmers in rural areas. No other service providers have the business intelligence to be able to offer access to a full basket of goods via mobile technology. An associated innovation is the building of a real-time market information service giving farmers, vendors and other value chain actors real-time insight in actual FFV prices in the wholesale market.