Ibero Uganda Limited


  • Product Type:
  • Sector: Agribusiness
  • Project Country: Uganda

Ibero Uganda Limited

Ibero Uganda Limited

Enabling farmers to access comprehensive financial products.

Ibero Uganda Limited is a company of Neumann Kaffee Gruppe based in Hamburg, Germany. Ibero Uganda exports quality Uganda coffees and has warehouses and processing facilities in Kampala and out-stations in all major coffee-producing regions of Uganda.

Project Description

Ugandan coffee farmers generally operate at very low productivity. The reasons for this are varied, including lack of reliable access to agronomic skills, inputs, finance and markets. Ibero plans to respond by providing farmers with an ecosystem of complementary services including access to agronomic training, finance, inputs and markets by 2021. The ecosystem revolves around a key axis which is a 2-year crop nutrition program, under which two products will be offered: a fertilizer advance and a cash advance. Once farmers have created a credit history with Ibero, Ibero aims to link them to formal financial institutions so that they can access a more comprehensive set of financial products.

Key Innovations

The grant will be used to cover the costs of technical assistance (TA) to design, set up and manage the scheme, which can later be scaled further in Uganda and beyond. This will consist of a design study, set up of operations (e.g. R&D, legal, tax and financial advisory, risk management framework, staff capacity building, etc.), and acquisition of an MIS and other technology e.g. SAP´s Rural Sourcing Management software and a loan management module.